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"Boob grab intensifies."


“I believe in the death penalty for certain crimes. But that is not an acceptable way of carrying it out. And people who were responsible should be held responsible,” he said in an interview. “The lethal injection needs to be an indeed lethal injection and not the bollocks-upped situation that just prevailed. That’s torture.”

McCain is right, of course. The most recent judicial murder in Arizona was torture. What he doesn’t recognize, at least not yet, is that the death penalty is always torture: when it works, when it doesn’t work, it’s torture.

It’s torture to tell someone you’re going to kill him, then lock him up for ten years, repeatedly tell him the day and time when you’re going to kill him, repeatedly change that day and time, let him file some appeals that give him hope you might not actually kill him, then finally take him out of the cage he’s inhabited for a decade, strap him down, and make good on releasing the Sword of Damocles you’ve been holding over his head for a decade.

It might take McCain some more time to realize that. After all, if you look closely, what he’s saying is that he supports killing people, just not torturing them. That’s a pretty weird way of thinking about things.

I’m not a supporter of the death penalty, for the record, but after what just happened in Arizona I’m beginning to believe that if we insist on continuing the practice we should go back to the time of firing squads. It’s a lot more humane way to die than lethal injection these days.

you're 38? isn't that a little old for fangirling?

A cold front pushed through last night, and we went from the 90s to the 70s with a beautiful, blustery wind so we went exploring at the Lowry Nature Center up the road.  As much as I miss living in a more urban environment, there are definite advantages to the exurbs and a million different awesome parks and nature preserves and arboretums in Carver County to work some energy out.

The Lowry lets you check out different backpacks to take on your wanderings, and we picked a pond one and found ourselves all kinds of bugs, listened to the frogs yammer at each other a while and let some dragonflys rest a spell on our shoulders and backs.   Not a bad way to pass late morning and early afternoon.

Plus a biker hooted and complimented me on my Deadpool t-shirt. We are legion.

Other notes from the weekend:
 - it’s all well and good to plan to go grocery shopping after an eye exam, but when you can’t read your list you have to take the whole family with you anyway. Then the freezer section is out of order, and your Saturday is in chaos.

- if you haven’t seen Snowpiercer yet, make it happen. Go see it on the big screen if you can, but you can rent it off iTunes if that’s not an option.  Why this didn’t get a larger U.S. release I will never understand.  There’s a cynical guess, maybe, but that’d be a spoiler.

- Pontypool may be my new favorite zombie movie.

- The Mister had to work both Friday and Saturday nights this weekend because of the city’s summer festival, which made for entertaining texts and movie catch-up on my end.

- I’m making cilantro lime shrimp tacos with roasted corn slaw and jalapeno crema for dinner tonight.  Who’s coming over to join us?

- I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.  Sigh.

In case you thought I was exaggerating, further evidence of Chris Evans and his chest fetish.


Beastie Boys - Intergalactic

Proud parenting moment: all three boys living room jamming to my other favorite boys.

Chris Evans and Aaron Taylor-Johnson attend the Marvel Studios panel during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego

And here we have Chris’s copyrighted left moob grab using someone else’s chest.That man and pectorals, I tell you what.

Chris Evans and Aaron Taylor-Johnson attend the Marvel Studios panel during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego

And here we have Chris’s copyrighted left moob grab using someone else’s chest.

That man and pectorals, I tell you what.





I think I may have just wet myself

cannot even.

I made a honey ginger stir-fry with veggies and pineapple and chicken and sesame rice for dinner.  Kid C threw his rice on the floor and then left the table.  Kid B whined and cried about vegetables for 45 minutes before being sent from the table to get his pajamas on and lay on his bed.  I am the meanest mom ever.

(Mind you, we have a three-bite rule in this house.  You have to give it the college try and if you genuinely dislike it we can discuss possible alternatives, but neither let fork touch lips for even a millisecond.)

Everything is awesome.

Kid B got his belated birthday present from lazyscience today. Pretty exciting!!!