Choose love.

mother. daughter. semi-reformed punk rocking girl drummer. also, somebody's wife. i like loud music and comic books and the sound of my sons laughing and cool crisp autumn mornings with leaves crunching under my feet. i like cooking, but i am a miserable baker. i like people who color outside the lines. i like to write, about my life, about things that matter.

wisconsin ex-pat, exurban twin cities dweller. believer in people. choose love.
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Put on timeout, clearly contemplating murder.

Entire household headbanging to Fugazi.

MA!  The meatloaf!  The meatloaf, Ma! I never know what she’s doing in there.

(The Mister’s plate, because his was prettier. Also, proof positive I love the man, because I don’t understand meatloaf, or the nation’s affection for the same.)

I’m not sure how much airplay Lizzo and Caroline Smith are getting outside the Cities, but as someone else said better than I could, this is the ultimate “do you and fuck that noise” anthem for the end of the year.  My jam of the moment.

Big day. Great first month of school and their first Marvel movie in the theater.

Fourth floor visitor.

Oh, for the days when going to the bathroom wasn’t a community experience.

We can’t be the only people who randomly text/call/mutter at each other at random intervals, “What’s in the boooooooox?” can we?