The Stars Can't Break the City Sky
When evaluating sexual behavior, the study tells us that there was no difference in ever having sex or number of sexual partners among vaccinated adolescents and women versus those who were unvaccinated. The only interesting difference was among sexually active adolescents (ages 15-19)- those who received the vaccine were more likely to report always using a condom in the past 4 weeks than sexually active young women who were unvaccinated. So adolescents who receive the vaccine actually make safer sex choices. This may be related to the sexual health education that leads young women to choose the HPV vaccine or other factors. To insinuate that a woman of any age would make riskier sexual choices based on being vaccinated against the HPV in insulting at best, but in my mind really borders on misogyny. Women of all ages are smarter than that and it’s really sad that we need a study to prove it.
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