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mother. daughter. semi-reformed punk rocking girl drummer. also, somebody's wife. i like loud music and comic books and the sound of my sons laughing and cool crisp autumn mornings with leaves crunching under my feet. i like cooking, but i am a miserable baker. i like people who color outside the lines. i like to write, about my life, about things that matter.

wisconsin ex-pat, exurban twin cities dweller. believer in people. choose love.
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Breaking News: Max and Ruby actually had parents once.

Before Ruby went all Hannibal and busted out the Hasenpfeffer on their asses.  Poor Max.

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    Then in comes grandma with a big banana slug.
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    I wonder if nick had something to do with the disappearance
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  11. juneofthemoon said: Ruby is the worst!
  12. togetbackhomeward said: I’ve never seen Max and Ruby, or read any of the books, but this is too funny.