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mother. daughter. semi-reformed punk rocking girl drummer. also, somebody's wife. i like loud music and comic books and the sound of my sons laughing and cool crisp autumn mornings with leaves crunching under my feet. i like cooking, but i am a miserable baker. i like people who color outside the lines. i like to write, about my life, about things that matter.

wisconsin ex-pat, exurban twin cities dweller. believer in people. choose love.
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There are a lot of great comics coming out tomorrow, but please consider this my plug for you to check out Satellite Sam.  The first issue read like a torch song to me, I’ve enjoyed watching this story unfold ever since.  There are a lot of things I appreciate about this book: the epic amount of research that went into its development, for one, leading to a really compelling look at the early days of television.  Fraction’s writing. Chaykin, who is an island unto himself and such an incredible talent and this book marries so well to his strengths I can’t imagine it in anyone else’s hands.

Volume Two starts tomorrow with Satellite Sam #6, so if you haven’t started the series yet this is a great place to pick up.  The things that move us are the things that move us, and your mileage may vary, etc., etc., but I think this one’s a winner.

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